Movies make people much more than people make movies.  I’ve always loved the cinema, ever since my Dad took me to see the re-release (I didn’t know this at the time; to me it was brand new) of the Star Wars trilogy.  Wow.  Perhaps the defining moment of my childhood, I’ve never since forgotten or taken for granted the vast power of pictures.  The warm humility-yet-hilarity of Yoda, the moment at which Darth Vader turns against his master… these are images imprinted on my mind.  And the most incredible of my youthful reflections is that I can hardly remember anything else from when I was six years old.  Sure, the fuzzy memories of playing on the swing set here and there, the occasional glimpse of a relative leaning in for that always patronizing cheek squeeze, but Star Wars… it’s vivid.  I can still smell the popcorn, remember the fat guy with the afro sitting two rows up.  But what constantly strikes me in my nostalgic pursuits is that those three films remain a continuum in my mind, yet they were released months apart.  It’s as if I saw one after the other.  The vast power of pictures…. I’ve never since taken for granted.


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